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Jeevan Vihar Building

3rd Floor, Parliament Street

Connaught Place, 

New Delhi -110001



8th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC

23 October - 1 November 2002

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India


General Information


India is a land of vast dimensions, colorful and exotic, traditional and modern all the same time with a very diverse and rich heritage and culture. New Delhi, the fascinating capital of India will be the site for COP 8 Conference. The conference venue will be Vigyan Bhawan, which offers modern, state-of-the-art convention facilities.


Currency regulation in India require, all foreign nationals and non-resident Indians to pay for their hotel and travel expenses in Foreign Exchange. Cash, travelers cheques or major credit cards, such as American Express, Master, Visa, Diners club are accepted in most places. It is recommended that delegates purchase some Indian Rupees after check-in to their hotel.

Visa Requirement

Citizens of all countries require a valid national passport / travel document with a valid visa to visit India. These may be obtained from the Indian Mission / Consular Office in the country of their residence. ITDC - ARMS will be pleased to provide any assistance or information that may be required by the delegates in obtaining a valid Indian visa.

Customs Formalities / Importing & Re-exporting Goods / Material

In order to import / re-export, goods / items / material into India, certain Customs Formalities have to be kept in mind and procedures need to be followed. It is important that visiting Participants, NGOs and Organisations understand the Import and Re-export policy clearly to ensure smooth participation at the conference. Please click here to view table, explaining relevant details about Customs formalities.

Airport Facilitation

All delegates may avail of a pre-paid airport pick-up facilitation service arranged by ITDC - ARMS.


Any foreign national coming from or transiting through countries where Yellow Fever is endemic (African & South American), is required to possess a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. There are no other vaccination requirements fro travelers to India.


October - November are probably the best months to visit India, which are pleasant throughout northern India, with many bright sunny days. Delhi's temperature during this period is generally around 12 o C at night and maximum about 28 o C  during the day. Light winter clothing is recommended.

Electric Supply

The standard electric supply in India is 220 volts A.C., 50 cycles, single phase for all domestic lighting. Most modern hotels also provide 110 volts electric point for use of electric shavers, hair dryers etc. If you are carrying a laptop / portable computer or other 110 volts equipment, it is advisable to check for bringing a transformer with it. You may check with us for any specific query on this.

Tours & Sight Seeing

ITDC-ARMS are pleased to provide details on various tours for visiting delegates. Check on the link above for details of various tours, their costs etc.


ITDC-ARMS will be happy to provide you with special prices for your ticketing needs. Ask us, and we will provide you a customised solution to your ticketing and traveling needs.

Cancellation Rules

Requests for cancellation of any service booked through ITDC - ARMS, must be made in writing. Telephonic / Verbal cancellation request will not be accepted. Refunds, as applicable will be sent only after the conclusion of the COP 8. For deadlines on cancellation and cancellation fee, please get in touch with us, with your specific request.