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Jeevan Vihar Building

3rd Floor, Parliament Street

Connaught Place, 

New Delhi -110001



8th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC

23 October - 1 November 2002

Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India


Destination India.....


There are few countries in the world that can astound and amaze you as much with its enormous variety. Where every step you take transports you back through thousands of years or brings you face to face with a modern vitality. Where every corner your turn, you encounter different customs, languages tradition... like colorful pieces sewn together into a magnificent mosaic - surrounded by soaring mountain, the brilliant blue of the seas, crisscrossed by mighty rivers.. India is not a place you 'see', its a total experience.

A truly majestic experience.....

The most outstanding feature of India's geography is the Himalayas - the worlds mightiest mountains. It is here, that India's legendary saints have for centuries discovered the answers to the mysteries of the soul. It is also here that you'll find some truly breathtaking loveliness. The enchantment of Kashmir, which one Moghul Conqueror described as heaven on earth. The isolation and other worldliness of Ladakh - the last Shangri-La. Or just the sheer grandeur of some of the world's highest peaks. The Himalayas are also a challenge to every visitors' sense of adventure. There's kayaking, white-water rafting, climbing or trekking through astonishingly beautiful landscapes choppy rivers and breathtaking views.

A riot of colours, culture and history.....

For a person who hasn't experienced the exhilaration of an assault on the senses, life in India offers the perfect opportunity. Despite adversities and hardships, the Indian people love to celebrate. Festivals fall on every day of the calendar. Every occasion, every event, whether religious or traditional, is commemorated with aplomb. This joy of being alive is seen even in everyday life. Enter and Indian city and the bustle, noise and people will amaze you. Go to a bazaar and the sheer variety of images, faces, colours, and sounds combine to give you a kaleidoscope of impressions. Even the thousands of years of history is resplendent with this Indian love of life. Magnificent forts, temples, palaces and exquisite sculptures scattered throughout the country bear witness to this. And it is because of this exuberance that you'll find old traditional values marching hand in hand with the more modern and technologically advanced India. It is at once the land of ancient religious, unique customs and the sixth most industrialised nation on earth.


Interesting facts for the visitor.....

What to see : India offers a rare variety of places to visit and things to see. From mountains resorts to beautiful sandy beaches. From deserts destinations to a discovery of architectural glory. There's Rajasthan, famous for it palaces and forts and for the tales of unique bravery and valour. There's Goa, known for its beaches, Belur and Halebid for their exquisite temple sculpture... to name just a few. Oh! and off course the Taj Mahal - a poem in marble.

Where to stay : From 5 star luxury to more economical hotels, inns, and boarding houses, India can meet the expectations of every visitor.

What to eat : Indian cuisine is of the finest in the world. Each area has its own specialties. Try the northern Tandoori cuisine - meat and vegetables cooked in delicate spices and yogurt. The excellent Kashmiri Rogan Josh (curried lamb), Fish specialties from the coastal regions, and of course the breads - paratha, nan, roti, puri... while in rice, basmati is known for its delicate aroma

How to travel : Indian is well connected by rail and by air. It has its own domestic airlines (Indian Airlines) and the fourth largest railway system in the world, with a route length of over 60,000 km. There are also buses and taxis (India has its own motor industry)

What to buy : Handicrafts, metal-ware in brass, bronze, silver and gunmetal. Traditional jewelry, textiles, carpets, woodwork, even antiques after government permissions.. they will all accompany you, back home

WOW ! ... India IS

f a s c i n a t i n g.....